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Super Aquarius Spectrophotometers

Specifications and Ordering of spectrophotometers and accessories

Cecil Instruments policy is one of continuous development. We therefore reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

Some Examples of Software:-

Assay Program

Construction and entry of mathematical formulae involving measurements at multiple wavelengths with automatic computation of assay results.


Fast data transfer to PC for use with Excel or other spread sheets.

Quant M

Multi wavelength assays at 2 or 3 wavelengths, Warburg and Christian assays at 2 or 3 wavelengths, wine assay, at up to 10 wavelengths.


The instrument will automatically perform a wavelength scan and perform a variety of numerical analyses of colour.

Quant P

Protein assay using the methods of Lowry, Bradford, Biuret and BCA.

Quant S

Quantitation of corrected bands, difference spectra, spectral stripping, overlayed spectra, spectral storage.

Program C

Cell program for up to 4, 6 or 8 cells.

Program W

Wavelength program for up to 10 wavelengths and timed interval measurements at a fixed wavelength.


Wavelength scans with peak labelling and peak tables. Time course plots while re-processing.


Kinetic measurements with plots, reprocessing of data.

Kinetics M

Multi-cell Kinetics linked with autocell changing, and plotting of reaction curves.


Absorbance and Wavelength validation using certified standards or liquids. Validation of optical bandwidth, etc.


Optical System  


Wavelength Range and Accuracy  

Wavelength Accuracy  

Wavelength Reproducibility  



Straylight - as Pharmacopeia using KCl

Photometric Noise  

Photometric Reproducibility  

Baseline Flatness  


Display Screen LCD  

Screen Display Scrolling  

Scan Speeds  

Overlayed Spectra  

Dynamic Scan Recall  

Photometric Readout  

Photometric Accuracy  

Derivative Spectra  

Kinetics, Single and Multi-Cell  

Method and Data Storage  

Spectral Reprocessing  

Quantitative Curve Fitting  

Cell and Wavelength programming  

Assay Program  

Storage With Password Security  

Alpha Numeric Text Entry  

Sample Temperature Control  

Micro Sipette Sampling  

Real Time Clock  

Computer and Printer Interfaces  


Additional Specification : CE9500  

Variable Resolution  

Wavelength Range  


Derivative Spectra  

Turbid Sampling Optical System  

Precision Low Noise Measurement  

Spectrofluorescence Measurements  

Gel Scanning  

Size and Weight  

Power Requirements  

End window high performance photomultiplier  

Symmetrical full double beam; coated optics  

Modified Czerny-Turner, 1200 L/mm holographic grating  

190-800nm; 900nm R option and CE 9500 : ±0.5nm  

±0.1nm at deuterium 656.1nm peak  


1.8nm; - CE 9500 selectable 0.5, 1, 2 and 4 nm

Less than 0.01% at 220nm and 340nm  

Absorbance greater than 2A at 200nm

0.00003A (500nm, 2s response, 0A) RMS  

Better than ±0.0001A, 500nm  


Better than ±0.0001A/hour, 500nm  

Displays menus, spectra, curves, data etc.  

550mm viewing width for spectra, plots etc.  


Up to 8 spectra with or without offsets  

The 8 most recent scans are held for recall  

-0.3-3A; 0-200%T; 0-9999C  

0.004A at 1A  

1st - 4th derivatives (1st - 6th CE 9500)  

Calculation of rate, with plot for up to 6 cells  

For 100 methods with data  

Spectral scans may be expanded, transformed or derivatised and replotted over any wavelength range  

Linear, quadratic or cubic to 30 standards  

8 cells and 10 wavelengths in any combination  

Program computation of user entered formulae  

100 spectra, time plots and reaction curves  

For annotation and formula entry  

Single or multi-cell, water or thermoelectric  

Under MPU control, with or without sample return  

Timed and dated reports for GLP  

Bi-directional serial RS232c and USB ports  



0.5, 1, 2 and 4nm, variable optical bandwidth  

190-900nm standard  

Full baseline for each bandwidth in safe memory  

1st to 6th derivatives  

Fitted standard, turbid sample holder provided  

Absorbance measurements with 0.1mA precision  

Fluorescence accessory; Excitation wavelength scanning  

Accessory available for 100mm gels  

805 x 410 x 196; 37Kg, 37.5Kg CE9500  

110-250V, 50/60Hz, 180W  

Spectrophotometers are supplied with power cable, instruction manual and sample and reference cell holders.

CE 9200 Spectrophotometer

1.8nm Optical bandpass. Wavelength range 190-800nm.

CE 9500 Spectrophotometer

Variable optical bandpass 0.5, 1, 2 and 4nm. Wavelength range 190-900nm.

CE 9260 and CE 9560 Dissolution Spectrophotometers

Special versions of each of the instruments suitable for tablet dissolution applications using Cecil TD software and a six or eight cell changer.

8000 70 01 Dot Matrix Printer Includes cable

8000 72 01 Colour Ink Jet Printer

8000 71 00 Connection Cable for Printers

OPTION R Wavelength Extension

Extends the working range to be 190-900nm (standard on CE 9500).

OPTION T Turbid Sampling Optics

Available for the CE 9200 (standard on the CE 9500). For measurement of poorly transmitting or turbid samples.

505 26 00

503 26 00

6600 57 00

8020 39 00

595 27 00

595 26 00




9070 31 00

594 54 00

9070 34 00

5500 33 00

5500 34 00

8020 38 00

505 38 00




9070 21 00

202 07 02

202 07 86

202 07 87

503 26 00

2020 82 00

2020 82 02




7200 31 00

7200 32 00




503 36 00

202 36 16

202 36 15

5500 36 15





8020 56 00

9070 57 00

9070 58 00

9070 59 00




2202 01 42

2303 01 40



202 01 44

303 01 30

303 40 00

594 44 00

594 66 00

594 77 00




CE 575

CE 574




9070 39 00

570 07 02


CE 572

202 07 72

202 07 73




2021 26 00

2021 83 00

8000 71 00

8000 70 01

8000 72 01

Cell Holders

Single cell 5-50mm pathlength - sample or reference

Micro sipette 10mm cell holder

Adjustable holder for micro cell

50µl ultra microcell holder

Holder for rectangular cells up to 100mm

Holder for cylrindrical cells up to 100mm



Cell Changers

Auto changer for 4 or 4 + 4 cells, requires holder

Holder for 4 x 10mm cells sample or reference

Auto changer for 6 cells, requires holder

Holder for 6 x 10mm cells

Holder for 6 x 20mm cells

Automatic 8 cell changer with holder

4 position microcell changer



Sipette and Batch Sampling

Return sipette system, requires holder and cell

10mm sipette cell

20mm sipette cell

40mm sipette cell

Sipette 10mm cell holder

Batch sampler for 40 samples with pump

Batch sampler for 100 samples with pump



Sample Stirring

Electronic stirrer and sample cell holder

Electronic stirrer and sample and reference cell holder



Temperature Control - Water Circulation

Single or micro sipette cell holder

4 cell holder

2 x 4 cell holder, sample and reference

6 cell holder



Temperature Control - Thermoelectric

Thermoelectric Controller

Holder for single or sipette cell

4 cell holder

2 x 4 cell holder

6 cell holder




Deuterium lamp with hours indicator

Tungsten halide lamp - in pairs



Calibration Filters in Holders

Holmium filter

Didymium filter

Set of 2 certified wavelength filters

Set of 4 certified Absorbance filters

Set of 6 certified Absorbance filters

Set of certified filters, 2 Wavelength, 6 Absorbance




Fixed angle reflectance accessory - pair

Variable angle reflectance accessory



Gel Scanning

Gel scanner - requires trough or film holder

Gel trough - 5mm x 100mm silica


Fluorescence Accessory

10mm fluorescence sample cell

5mm fluorescence reference cell



Printers and Cables

RS232c cable for 25 pin PC with protocol manual

RS232c cable for 9 pin PC with protocol manual

Printer connection cable

Dot matrix printer

Colour ink jet printer