Super Aurius instruments are unique for their very high performance scanning, with derivatives, overlay, extended analytical power and multi-cell kinetics.

They cover the full 190-1100nm wavelength range with a narrow 1.8nm optical bandwidth. With straylight of 0.01%, wavelength precision of 0.1nm and baseline stability of better than ±0.001A/hr, the most demanding analytical work may be undertaken.

These single beam multi-lingual spectrophotometers, have a wide range of other options, including  multiple wavelength analyses and multi-component analyses.

Instant ESEF software options perform user-specified and pre-programmed functions.  Password protected, user-created methods are effortlessly added.

The spectrophotometers may be fully accessorised, with provision for nano cells.  They may be used with a PC or on a stand-alone basis. The CE 3041 model incorporates an integral printer.

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Super Aurius Spectrophotometers

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