These versatile Cecil Instruments DietQuest spectrophotometers  are available as single or double beam instruments.  They are pre-programmed for use  in reading many assays dedicated to food and drink analyses.  They can also be used for other laboratory applications.  

With an optical bandwidth of   either < 2 or 4 nm and superb stability, accuracy and precision, fast, convenient, easy and reliable measurements may be obtained in a choice of six languages.

The UV/Visible and Visible DietQuest spectrophotometers, have a wide range of other options, including   wavelength scanning, multiple wavelength analyses, multi-component analyses, kinetic analyses, full validation procedures  and spectral derivatives.

Instant ESEF software options perform user-specified and pre-programmed functions.  Password protected, user-created methods are effortlessly added.

The spectrophotometers may be fully accessorised, including  sipette systems.  They may be used with a PC or on a stand-alone basis.  

DietQuest Spectrophotometers

 Quality Food and Beverage Testing

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