GeneQuest Spectrophotometers

Dedicated DNA/RNA Analysers

The cost effective Cecil Instruments single beam GeneQuest spectrophotometers  are specially pre-programmed for use  in reading DNA/RNA spectrophotometer determinations.  

With an optical bandwidth of      4 nm and superb stability, accuracy and precision, fast, convenient, easy and reliable measurements may be obtained in a choice of six languages.

The software options include cell culture, some protein assays and validation procedures.

Instant ESEF software options perform user-specified and pre-programmed functions.  Password protected, user-created methods are effortlessly added.

The spectrophotometers may be accessorised, including  wipe clean nano cells for microlitre sample volumes.  They are used  on a stand-alone basis.

   The CE 2302 model incorporates an integral printer.

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