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Dual Wavelength UV Detector, CE 4200

The CE 4200 is a UV/Visible double beam detector of the highest specification and versatility, covering the range 190 to 700nm, with an optical bandwidth of approximately 8nm. Operation is by a keypad and 4 line LCD display of menus, prompts, parameters, wavelength, Absorbance etc. It may also form part of any system controlled by PowerStream software.

Dual wavelength operation allows two wavelengths to be monitored simultaneously with their ratio also being available. Full programming using up to six wavelengths is also possible from the control panel.

Noise and drift performance are of the very highest order, ±0.35 x 10-5A peak to peak, and ±3 x 10-5A/h respectively, with straylight less than 0.02%. Up to 30 methods may be created and stored password protected, ensuring reproducible conditions when recalled. An auto switch-on programme saves operator time during warm-up.  

The CE 4201  UV/Visible double beam detector is designed to monitor any single wavelength in the 190-700nm range. Optical bandwidth is approximately 8nm and stray light is less than 0.02%.

Calibration and test are automatic at switch-on. Software for validation procedures is available. Flowcells may be changed easily and without alignment adjustments and the Deuterium lamp is guaranteed for 1500 hours or 1 year, and is fitted with an hours counter.

Noise and drift performance are of a very high order. <±1 x 10-5A peak to peak and <±1 x 10-4A/h respectively. An automatic switch-on program is provided to save operator time during warm-up.

Variable Wavelength UV Detector, CE 4201

Refractive Index Detector, CE 4700

The CE 4700 differential refractive index detector is suitable for compounds which show no active absorption in the UV region such as sugars or polymers. The highly stable detector is operated by a keypad and 2 x 16 character LCD display.

The flowcell is temperature controlled and drift and noise are of a low order.

A built-in solenoid valve enables the reference cell to be conveniently flushed or filled. The unit is supplied with a column mounting panel and cover.

The signal output may be processed by PowerStream or connected to a recorder or integrator.

Other HPLC/Ion Chromatography Detectors

Fluorescence Detector, CE 4500

The CE 4500 dual monochromator fluorescence detector is fully programmable, each monochromator covers the wavelength range 200-650nm and uses an adjustable frequency Xenon lamp for its source.

Both excitation and emission scanning may be programmed.

The wavelength range of the emission monochromator may be extended to 900nm by using a special photomultiplier.

The sensitivity is excellent.

Conductivity Detector, CE 4710

This Cecil conductivity detector has very low noise and the use of high stability temperature control of the detector cell, contributes towards the extremely low drift.

Coupled with the continuously regenerated chemical carbonate suppressor,  flat baselines, no carbonate peak, no injection peak, high sensitivities, gradient usage and speedy column equilibration are achieved.

This detector may be added to Cecil Instruments' modular Adept and Q-Adept HPLC and IonQuest Ion Chromatography systems.  The detector may also be used with third party liquid chromatography systems, control is through the detector's stand-alone control keys.